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When you think of the New England hip-hop scene you never really think of talent coming out of New Hampshire. 24-year old, Aaron Pickering who goes by his stage name PiX has been drawing attention to his music via Soundcloud and Youtube these past couple months. His first song uploaded to Youtube "Refuge" has 103,000 views and has only been posted for two months. In just four weeks after being uploaded, his other song "Day 1"  has just over 71,000 views. I was interested in interviewing one of the few rappers coming out of the Granite State, so  I sat down for a brief interview with the upcoming artist and asked him a few questions regarding his music and production.


I asked PiX, "What inspired you to get into music? His response, “The football injury had a lot to do with it. Before the injury though, I would just freestyle around friends and record songs on garageband software, did not really think too big on the musician idea back then to be honest. Then the football injury occurred which then I began to take music more serious. I definitely have a ear for music and I want to continue using that, but include my lyrical abilities as well.” PiX is originally from Keene, New Hampshire in central New Hampshire. He has a BA degree in business marketing from Saint John Fisher College in upstate New York. When asked who he would like to collaborate with, I got a couple surprising names out of him; “Jon Bellion, that’s a dream collaboration for me. I respect his style as a musician, he makes all his own music from scratch. Joyner Lucas, His artistic outlook is in it’s own league. His video production is super dope. 'Ross Capicchiono' and 'I’m Sorry' are two of my favorite video productions cause of the realism he brings to the video. I would also really enjoy collaborating with Black Bear and Marc E. Bassy. They’re both from California, really really dope artist, super real, and I think we would make some cool music together.” When talking to PiX, he brought a lot of enthusiastic and charismatic energy which made him easy to approach with questions on the music he's been putting out online.



PiX explained to me he planned to make a music video series based on three songs. The series begins with the music video for "Refuge", he went into studio at school in Rochester NY after taking a semester off a couple years ago. His original plan was to go to school in California where he got into school, but did not end up going. This set back influenced the hook of Refuge, PiX explained the hook's lyrics “All I have is my own two feet/ I pray that you keep me strong / hear the soul I speak / Cause all I seek is some refuge please / so all I need is for you to rescue me” PiX said he wanted something similar to a dark track with a 808 track beat, slightly influenced by Kanye’s 808 style beat album "808 & Heartbreak". When PiX was asked what exactly is  a 'refuge' to him, “I originally wrote refuge after I dislocated my shoulder cutting my dream of college football short. Music became my outlet, refuge in a sense, because it was helping me cope with my broken sports dreams. I did not want to stay in upstate NY, I wanted to be in Cali.” PiX told me. The music video for “Refuge” is based on a dream he had the night after recording the hook. When asked about the music video PiX told me the story behind the video being where it was. “I had a dream I was in a Rambo themed movie plot located in the jungle, and I was lucid dreaming while in the woods realizing I was in Sodas Point woods-where I have been before.” The 24-year old rapper answered.  PiX explained the correlation between the songs “Refuge” and “Day 1”. “Day 1 begins with me waking up from the ‘refuge’ music video after hearing a gun shot in the dream. I realized my time here is done, I need to go, but I do keep my day ones around. They have to respect my grind and not switch up, loyalty of my friends is huge to me. I realized my responsibility now is to go out and make it then take care of my people.” Very well put together series of music videos containing great cinematography.



PiX is dropping a third song called “Want It All” later this month, it is about his dream to fly out to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. He plans on shooting the video in both Rochester and LA. “The ‘I Want It All’ is the final piece showing that I am at peace with myself.” said PiX. The symbolism behind the short film series expresses PiX’s true passion for music while plotting out his future music career lyrically. “The end is all just the beginning of what I want to do.” PiX said to wrap up the interview.


Posted by Jake Brown on 24 January 2017

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