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New England College Celebrations You Need To Visit

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So we all know that in the search of colleges we want to apply to we immediately log onto Youtube and go type in "I'm Schmacked [insert school name]" or type in the college name with "party" at the end of it, typical and skeptical shit we do when we are young. Now I am going to give you my own personal review on party days at certain colleges around New England, this will be a on going thing I will do throughout my blogging career so none of you thotties cannot come up to me and be like "But Brownie you didn't add so-and-so day at my college!", tough luck I am a broke college kid tryna party up whenever I can so the window of opportunity for me takes awhile to open. So here are some colleges with highly suggestive party celebrations in New England...fuck the youtube videos, you can rage in your own backyard.

Posted by Jake Brown on 22 July 2014