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Oompa is a gem; a rare MC who’s sound and poetic rhythm is reminiscent of such legends as Lauren Hill, Talib Kweli and Mos Def. OOMPA delivers a powerful blow with her debut Album: November 3rd, released late 2016. The album offers a range of subjects and evokes a range of real emotion; something that has been missing from the game for the past half decade. Oompa has developed a sound on this project that moves from nostalgic, old school vibes to a more modern bounce, all while delivering a powerful message, and exploring some topics such as sexuality in a unique, new way. Hailing from Roxbury, MA,  the rising artist has been making waves in the local Boston scene and beyond for the past few years.


Her latest release, “Got Damn’ed” is a collaborative effort by Oompa and Cliff Notez, put out by their media collaborative outlet, HipStory. The track features some beautiful live instrumentation and a roots funk, complimented by lively, uplifting melodies and lyrics. The song is a perfect opening to the spring season, and one you’re sure to be bumping whether you’re on the way to work, or headed down to Miami Beach. As always, we’re proud to support real music, and keep the vibes flowing till we break the mold. Keep it locked for more features, upcoming events, music and clothing. For more music from OOMPA be sure to check out the website at oompoutloud.com 


Feast your ears on this one… 

Posted by Brook Giday on 29 March 2017

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